Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Post For Hannah

Hannah just got a blog Makeover from Kendra's Krazy Krafts, a free custom design blog! Hannah, I hope you enjoy your blog!

Would you like a makeover? Or a blog button? Just drop a comment @KKK and I'd be happy to design for you!

I did not make the header and background, I simply installed them from Shabby Blogs. I can make you a custom header and background, but Hannah didn't care what I used, and I thought this design was extra cute. :D

I did make the blog button and the papers I found free online.

I also made Hannah a blog roll, with a few blogs on it, and I changed her text to Century Gothic.

I installed and 'played' with all the HTML codes, but most of the papers I did not make.

Hannah, I hope you enjoy your lovely blog design, if you ever need any help please contact me, it was a joy to work with you!

(Do you like the new signature?) (-;

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